Saturday, March 24, 2007

Where the hell is the ACLU?

One more example of the Youth Reclamation Project enforcing their agenda to the point of prohibiting free speech.

Seriously. Where in the hell is the freaking ACLU on this? Oh, that's right - they're more like the Anti Christian Liberties Union.

Reverse the phrase on the kid's shirt to "Be gay, not happy," have a school ban that, and I'd bet my last dollar that the ACLU would be there.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

No Dissent Allowed

This article really just highlights the problem with the very notion of public schools.

The bottom line is that the Youth Reclamation Project (or Public Screwels, as Rush calls them) will not tolerate anyone deviating from their lefty propagandist agenda. I don't know that I would agree with what this guy was teaching, but I think it's interesting that the main thrust of the charges against him (at least as far as the article goes) is that he referenced the big bad Bible!

Homeschool, homeschool, homeschool is the answer I keep coming back to. The evil tyranny-enabling life forms that run the public education system in this country simply will not allow the truth to be taught, no matter what the subject. The way I see it, the only answer is to teach our own kids. It's one giant step we can take to reclaim the youth for our side.

Friday, March 09, 2007

Chalk One Up...

...for the good guys.

Finally the government takes a step in the right direction.

Someone I know postulates that this will go to the Supreme Court because there is a conflicting ruling from the Commies over in the Ninth Circuit.

Here's hoping. An individual interpretation of the 2A by the SCOTUS would be a landmark and could go far in reversing some of the unconstitutional garbage we've got on the books.

This is one tally mark on the wall...for now.

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Pay up, Subjects

A California school district is trying to bill parents for each day that their kids miss school. The idea is that the schools miss out on funding when the kids are absent.

Good! Maybe they'll get bled dry and someone will have to develop a Constitutional education system.

Sometimes my wife tells me I should run for office. I figure the only logical starting point is city government, right? I don't have any connections. So let's say I could get elected to a city council - just for kicks.

I'd never get any farther than one term at the local level, because every week I'd be proposing that we shut down every public school in the town.

I think public schools are a horrible idea, and I think the end result (ignorant, troubled kids) proves it. I get pretty riled up every time some politician starts talking about public school teachers being "heroes." But I digress. I loathe every aspect of the Youth Reclamation Project, and the despicable, pretentious attitude exhibited by this group of California wardens is just one more log on the fire.

We're The Only Ones Who Can Deprive You of Your Property Enough

To review:
1. They pull him over going 111 mph.
2. He has some pot in the car.
3. He has some guns in the car.
4. They arrest him, confiscate the pot, and confiscate the guns.
5. No mention is made of the weapons being either illegal in nature or illegally obtained.

So why did they take his guns? And why does the MSM report it like it's a normal, healthy thing to do? The guns had nothing to do with the crime, nor were they illegally possessed (according to the article.)

Why? Because they can. And no one will stop them. After all, they're the Only Ones.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

"We Don't Really Like Guns"

I have some good friends who are in the process of adopting a child. During a recent interview, they were being asked a series of general questions. One was, of course, "Do you have any firearms in the home?" The answer was no, to which the woman replied, "That's good - we don't really like guns anyway."

Why not? Is she afraid an adoptive parent might try and protect their adopted child from any one of several threats which could assail them? Or is she just so cowed with fear because of all the horse**** propaganda that she's been fed that her brain Pavlonianly responds with "BAD" every time someone says "GUN"? (Is Pavlonianly a word?)

Anyway, I thought it was terribly sad that a senseless, emotionally generated response that is in no way supported by any facts, evidence or logic can be used to potentially restrict good, decent people from adopting. A cursory internet search turned up pretty much what I suspected - this is a fairly standard treatment of the issue.

It really makes me wonder how I would respond should my wife and I ever try to adopt.

"Your damn right I do. I've got lots of 'em. And I keep the 1911 on the night stand loaded with Hornady XTP hollowpoints. Don't worry - the kid will be safe here. Any dirtbag that breaks in this house will be carried out full of forty-five caliber holes and less a little blood and soft tissue. And when the kid gets bigger, I'll teach him how to do the same thing."

Ann Coulter

No link necessary. She called John Edwards a faggot, and now she's getting raked over the coals once again. Rather than delving into semantics, I'd like to offer a much deeper insight that my wife provided while I was ranting about this to her.

The scary thing - and it's really chilling once you think about it - is that The Standard by which the media now judges public figures is that person's views on homosexuality. Think it's a sin? You're a hate monger. Dare to call names? You may as well be marching Jews into an oven.

What's worse is that we've noticed this behavior creeping into the world of private interactions. We were recently talking to someone about our church. The denomination is entrenched in a controversy over gays. The first thing this person mentioned was that our denomination was dealing with the gay issue and that he wanted to know what we thought. He said he (of course!) had no problem with it. And the implied message is that there is a problem if we do think it's wrong.

This attitude, coupled with laws like Chet Culver's anti-bullying-piss-upon-the-First-Amendment effort are laying the groundwork to outlaw ANY expression of an opinion that could be labelled "anti-gay."

Think it's a sin? Call it a sin? Have fun in jail.

If something doesn't change, the above three sentences will come to pass.

Hometown Trifecta

Story one: Iowa Governor Chet Culver signs Anti-Bullying Law

Great. Real great. Get the Hitler Youth all nice and conditioned-like so they're willing and ready to do your bidding later in life. Make sure they understand from an early age that the government owns every aspect of their life - even how they interact with classmates. Instilling a healthy sense of fear and getting them used to goose-stepping is important, unless you want them doing something radical later in life - like starting a revolution and wrenching power from your evil hands.

Culver has, in one fell swoop, proven himself to be the snivelling dictator-wannabe I suspected from the start.

Story two: The same moron believes the government should have a heavy-handed presence in private health decisions.

It's the same old story from the same old liberal bag of tricks. Want to control the people? Do it through taxes. Crap like this makes me want to take up smoking just to flip the bird to Police-State politicians like this jackass. I love it how they use the very words, "...saving lives." Sure thing. Seat belt laws, gun control, cigarette taxes, socialized health care, regulated speech, regulated religion, regulated press. You can make any given one of those rights-violations (and believe me, the ones that are not yet fully accomplished are on their to-do list) into an issue about "saving lives."

Governor Culver, freedom isn't safe, you traitorous moron.

And finally, story three proves that it's no better on this side of the river: Mike Boland proposes a law making it illegal to smoke in a car where a child is present.

Bottom line: We don't trust you to make your own decisions as a parent. And in fact, we think it's better for your kid to deprive them of a parent for a month than it is to allow them to be exposed to second-hand smoke.

I've gotta hand it to them - these anti-smoking Nazis have done a really good job of conditioning the American public to accept a looming government presence in their private lives - just so long as it saves lives.