Thursday, May 29, 2008


Well, I've decided that The Subversive has run its course. Also, it was poorly named to begin with.

Subversion is the clandestine act of working against the establishment. My inspiration for the name of the blog came way back in college. My then-girlfriend (now wife) and I thought it would be grand to publish a newsletter under that name, with the express purpose of exposing the leftist, liberal, socialist moonbats who ran the college for what they were (still are.) The idea never got far, but the name stuck with me.

The problem with "The Subversive" as it applies to life in the US is that the cause which I represent (The Constitution) is the establishment. To assert otherwise is to acknowledge defeat. In other words, calling myself a subversive is stating that the Constitution is no longer really the authority, and that I must use acts of subversion to promote the truth. That of course is untrue.

Adding to my motivation to change was The Subversive's rather closed format. I rarely strayed from a particular template (liberty.) Certainly, I expect posts of the same nature to dominate the content of my new blog, but I'm hoping to also include more general commentary on life, faith-based posts, and maybe just stuff that is fun to me.

So if you liked The Subversive, I encourage you to click on this post. (The whole thing is a hyper link.) It will take you to my new blog...


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