Tuesday, March 20, 2007

No Dissent Allowed

This article really just highlights the problem with the very notion of public schools.

The bottom line is that the Youth Reclamation Project (or Public Screwels, as Rush calls them) will not tolerate anyone deviating from their lefty propagandist agenda. I don't know that I would agree with what this guy was teaching, but I think it's interesting that the main thrust of the charges against him (at least as far as the article goes) is that he referenced the big bad Bible!

Homeschool, homeschool, homeschool is the answer I keep coming back to. The evil tyranny-enabling life forms that run the public education system in this country simply will not allow the truth to be taught, no matter what the subject. The way I see it, the only answer is to teach our own kids. It's one giant step we can take to reclaim the youth for our side.


Anonymous IsaacT1978 said...

I remember Mr Rawson, my government teacher and some other history class I took from him, always putting his hands together as if to make a mountain peak. He'd do that whenever I'd get on a rant (which was about two to three times a week) about something dealing with our country, or the feminazis or liberals, or something of that nature. That was his way to telling me to "see things from the peak, not only from the side I was on." He often said everything was black and white with me and that I needed to expand my view a bit. Isn't it interesting that a teacher would tell his student to "expand his horizons, think differently, and learn to use his brain and not just his gut response."
Mr Seiffert did the same thing with me in sociology (only he tried reminding me that not everything in sociology could be answered by using Scripture and GOP thinking).
Now, isn't it interesting that the very people who are encouraging their students to use their minds, expand their horizons, and think differently ARE UNABLE TO DO SO THEMSELVES?
I almost think that one of the reasons they so highly encouraged me to do so was because they were not allowed to themselves. That if they did they would be reprimanded.
When I was choosing which college to attend, I had it narrowed down to Bethel in St Paul, and a world-renown institute in chicago. Among other things that turned me off to the school in Chicago was that I felt it taught one what to think and now how to think.
I find it highly arrogant and hypocritical to use public funds (aka MY TAX DOLLARS) to indoctrinate and turn my children away from being able to use their brains and think for themselves. Fearing that a kid won't be able to think for themselves. Isn't this just another attempt to tear parenting away from parents and put it in the hands of the board of education.
Now, I do not take such a low opinion of public education as you. I do see your points, and I readily agree with almost everyone I've ever heard you raise. I know many, MANY fantastic public school teachers (my church seems to teem with them) that are making a world of difference in the lives of our children.
I believe in cases like this there needs to be public outcry. My brother makes a very wise observation regarding public education and separation of church and state and all those issues. His opinion is that due to public schools being funded primarily from local tax dollars, that those in the locality should have sway over what is being taught. It's their money being stewarded by the public schools, so the citizen has a say in what happens. You have a location that is highly Christianized and wants to teach ID alongside evolution? Go ahead. You live in a location where the majority are muslim and want to have 5 breaks a day so students can point eastward? Go for it. It's their right to lead and direct what their children are being taught in their area. The government has no right to determine that for the individual area. If my wife and I move to Saudi Arabia to work with teenagers there, we would expect that unless our children attend an american school that they will be taught all the good things about islam, big oil, and how the saudi royal family owns the bush family. But keep in mind, we will also be teaching our children.
What are we afraid of? That our children can't think for themselves? Here's a final thought. Why is ALL evolution (seemingly) taught as law even though it's still the Theory of Evolution? Isn't that doing bad education to blatantly blur the lines of the scientific method in order to push an agenda across that isn't founded solely in science, but moreso in philosophy? Just wondering!

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