Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Hilarious Hypocrisy

I will, of course, jump all over this one, since it discredits that moron Al Gore.

I personally believe that the disproven lie that is referred to as Global Warming is an important tool in the kit of those who would control us. And the fact that Al Gore is a talker but not a walker further illustrates his self-serving agenda. Position the populace for control, and enjoy your comfortable lifestyle while you're at it.

As we were wasting a few hours of our lives on Sunday night watching the Oscars, I asked my wife if she thought he drove to Hollywood from Tennessee in a Prius. This article gives a pretty good indication what the answer to that question might be.

Self-loathing of the human race is integral to the liberal/Nanny-state mindset. If we're not a blight on the face of the planet, indeed the very cause of it's imminent and unstoppable demise, how can they generate enough guilt to use against us when they need to steal more of our freedom?

First Amendment Flush

Not that this sort of thing is unheard of, but it's always good to bring attention to Rights violations. Note that the city uses something reasonable sounding like a "sign code" to urinate all over the Bill of Rights. Such an ordinance blatantly violates the First Amdendment, but everyone accepts it as par for the course, and no one gets too upset.

If it goes to court, some Constitution-violating precedent will be cited if they decide to take the city's side (which I anticipate if it gets that far.)

Would you like your neighbor painting slogans all over their house? Me neither, probably. Then again, the Libertarian in me might rejoice, despite the ugliness.

Since no one cares about this, and no one cared when they declared free-speech blackout dates, will anyone care when they say it's hate speech to say that Jesus is the living Son of God?

Monday, February 26, 2007

We're the Only Ones Helping You Along Enough...

So this guy was in the process of sawing off his own leg when the officers arrived...

And the best they can do to "help" him is to gun him down when he "rushes" them.

Let's see. Leg half sawn off...armed with, well, a blade of some sort I guess...charging speed .001mph. Yeah, I guess lethal force was probably justified.

I know, I know. I wasn't there and I'm in no position to make the call whether or not they responded appropriately. But if the Only Ones shooting (to death) a suicidal man doesn't deserve a closer look, I don't know what does.

This one's just plain tragic any way you cut it.

Special thanks to alert (and only) reader Isaac T for bringing this to my attention.

Saturday, February 24, 2007


I'm hoping to put up a somewhat-comprehensive post covering the Jim Zumbo fracas. Until I get that opportunity, let me encourage you to stop by Field and Stream's site and leave some comments for Second Amendment sell-out David Petzal.

As a note - if you are completely clueless about what I'm talking about, wait two days and I'll have a post explaining everything.

Monday, February 19, 2007

I LIKE the cold

Our local weatherman sucks.

The last three weeks, we've been blessed with sub-zero temps and some snow. I love it! I happen to enjoy the winter and winter weather, even if it makes me sick (it did.) Snow is beautiful, cold air is refreshing, and staying warm is fun.

Today it almost got up to 50. So, as predictable as the coming spring, the moron is on the airwaves talking about the "big improvement" in our weather. Huh?

Since when is a pure white snowscape changing to a sopping mud-fest an improvement? He needs his head checked. Beautiful powdery snow is "bad" weather, but black slush and muck caused by unseasonably warm temps is "an improvement."

It never gets hot enough for this bozo. He's always going on about how "nice" it is when it's 90 degrees.

I think I'm changing channel loyalties.

I guess this little rant could extend to a portion of the general populace. There are a few people in the office who gripe about the weather in the winter. It makes me want to get a bullhorn and announce over the tops of the cubicles, "This is the Midwest. We get snow here! DEAL WITH IT."

Why the heck don't these people just move to Florida? For that matter, why don't I just move to Minnesota?

Friday, February 09, 2007

Hysteria and the Police State

I copied this text from CNN.com. Click the title of this post to follow the link:

Cartoon Network head steps down after Boston bomb scare furor
NEW YORK (CNN) -- The chief executive of the Cartoon Network resigned Friday after the network's guerilla marketing scheme for one of its cartoon characters went bad last week and led to a bomb scare in Boston that cost its parent companies millions of dollars.
In a letter to employees, Jim Samples wrote: "I deeply regret the negative publicity and expense caused to our company as a result of this campaign. As general manager of Cartoon Network, I feel compelled to step down, effective immediately, in recognition of the gravity of the situation that occurred under my watch."
Turner Broadcasting System and Interference Inc. agreed to pay $2 million to make amends for last Wednesday's bomb scare in Boston, the Massachusetts attorney general said Monday. Interference, a marketing company, hired people to place 40 light boards with the outline of a cartoon character in various places around Boston and nine other cities.
TBS is the parent company Cartoon Network and its Adult Swim group, which initiated the marketing scheme. It is also the parent company of CNN. --By CNN's Katy Byron (Posted 2:47 p.m.)

I always want to start a post like this by saying, "Words escape me," or, "Ladies and gentlemen, I'm speechless," but that's not the case at all. I have plenty to say, but my initial reaction is a dumbfounded stupor (for about 10 seconds.)

I'm so angry about this that I am struggling to find the words. I'll start by assigning letter grades for the participants in this non-event:

Residents of Boston: Grade F
Authorities in Boston: Grade T (for Tyranny)
Jim Samples: Grade C (for Cowardice)
Katy Byron: Grade H (for Hysterical media-babe)

I guess I'll work my way down the list.

To the citizens: What in the hell is wrong with you? What a pathetic, hysterical, blown-out-of-proportion response to a non-problem! Are you really that conditioned by your pathetic state government to not be responsible for your own safety that you crap yourself everytime you see something that seems out of sorts? Do you phone the police and ask them to roll SWAT if you see a kid with a BB gun shooting cans in his backyard? UNBELIEVABLE!

To the Only Ones: Nice job. Convince them that they need you - always. Even when advertising rears its ugly head. You've got your subjects pretty close to where any good group of tryants would want them. They can't even go to work without your hand-holding police-state presence.

To Jim Samples: Sorry response, there buddy. Majority rules, I guess - even when they're wrong. You should have taken the opportunity to issue a letter verbally smacking the Bostonians upside their collective head for their collective bed-wetting cowardice.

To Katy Byron: "...guerilla marketing scheme..."? Nice unbiased reporting there. You don't have an agenda do you?

Per usual, the media does its part to legitimize the government's heavy-handed jack-booted response to something that any idiot could have figured out had they wiped the tears from their hysterical eyes.

Good lord, we are doomed. We have an entire American city conditioned to respond with panic to the most insignificant of abnormalities. What's the big deal you ask?

What happens when one of these self-defacating ninnies encounters a crime in progress (mugging, rape, murder)? Will they step in and defend their families/neighbors/selves? Hell no! They'll dial 911 like good little sheep (while the victim dies) and laud the authorities if they manage to get there in time to save the wooly butts of their helpless dependants.

What we have here is a complete and total abdication of personal responsibility for one's safety, coupled with the State stepping in and affirming the populace's perceived helplessness.

It's too late for this group of morons to learn that as they hand over their responsibility to the State, their freedom goes with it. Or considering the sorry state of affairs right now (what with everyone breathing sighs of relief and patting each other on the back) they don't care.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007


My first attempt to post comments with The New Blogger.

Force a change to an inferior new service.
I love it.
I know, I know...it's free...

It's This Sort of Thing...

...that will bring down this country. The cramming of the pro-gay agenda down our throats will eventually lead to the suppression of freedom.

I predict a "Gay Bill of Rights." This will (of course) essentially be a "Christianity Bill of No Rights." Disagree with the gay lifestyle? Speak your mind and it will be "hate speech."

Companies like Snickers cowing to the gay community's demands to have their agenda shoved down your throat set the precedent.

This particular commercial touched on something that any heterosexual male can relate to. No one wants to kiss another guy.

But call deviance from nature for what it is and you will feel their rage...