Monday, September 03, 2007

This is for YOUR protection...

Alright, so I haven't posted here in months, but this seemed really post-worthy.

I have recently been pondering the unfortunate trend of our country towards a socialist police state, and as a result, I've been more tuned into things like this. Although, let's be honest - with headline coverage on, it was hard to miss. Edwards' genius plan to "fix" everything that's "wrong" with America is mandatory socialized health care, the costs of which get strapped on the backs of upper middle-class Americans as punishment for their success in life. (After all, they have to "do their part," right?)

So we're going to make it a crime to not go to the doctor? Lovely. I thought it was really nice the way he first states that the coverage is mandatory for everyone, and then he states that, "If you are going to be in the system, you can't choose not to go to the doctor for 20 years. You have to go in and be checked and make sure that you are OK." If you are going to be in the system? You mean the mandatory system? I guess he really means, "If you are going to be an American."

Not to wish the years of my life away, but I can't wait until the baby-boomers are all dead. Ok, let me qualify that with the clause, 'in a political sense.' My parents and a lot of good friends are baby-boomers, and I'm certainly not wishing for the speed of their departure. But I heard it said the other day that the Boomers are going to whine, complain and moan all the way to the grave, and I think it's true. In fact, it's that very entitlement attitude that makes traitors like Edwards and Clinton viable candidates in a presidential election. There was a day when Americans would have laughed in the face of such tyrannical assertions as Edwards has just made. Prior to an election, such arrogant statements would have been political suicide. But the Boomers believe that it's the government's job to provide for them, and they are more than willing to sacrifice all their liberty (and everyone else's) to that cause.

I hold out hope that my generation and those after us will not accept tyranny. The state of public schrewls and the "accept the police state" mindset they push on our kids (see "lockdown drills" for evidence) robs me of some of that hope. Even so, I know several men who won't stand by and idly watch the US become what Great Britain has.

One day the Boomers will keel, and our country will be in ruins from a hundred socialist entitlement programs that will have sucked the people dry in the name of fairness, and the abusive police state will have assumed full control in the name of protecting us from ourselves. On that day, those of us who are left standing in the aftermath must have some plan to recover our country - some plan to take it back from the evil statists, collectivists and socialists who so seek to enslave us at every turn.

Start thinking.


Anonymous IsaacT1978 said...

OH, OH, OH! Here's a good one. So after youth group on Wednesday I was talking with one of the elementary school kids about school... wondering how it was going, asking what his favorite class was, etc. After telling him I was expecting the answer of his favorite class to be gym, lunch, or recess his eyes got huge and said, "certainly not lunch." So my assumption was that the food was detestable. "Oh no", he said, "the food is great." He just didn't like the rule that if the students talked (at all during lunchtime) they'd have to stand with their face to the wall during recess. I laughed and said he must be joking... after all, the two places in elementary school where kids can talk without getting yelled at are in lunch and at recess. Oh no, it's now no longer acceptable to talk with fellow classmates during lunch (his mother cooberated the story and the "new rule this year"). You grab your food, sit down, don't talk to anyone, gut down your food, and head out. AND THIS IS IN 1ST-6TH GRADE!
It brings to mind the Soup Nazi on Seinfeld... or PRISON! After being a chaplain in juvie in college that's the same crap I saw the guards pull there (just because they could...nice power move jerks).
Can you believe it? We live in a stinking police state. I can't wait to send my kids to school and receive calls about my disruptive son. Here's the call I receive at church:
Principal: Hello Mister T, I have your son here in my office. It appears he has troubles following the rules here at California Penal Elementary School.
Me: Oh? What did he do? I assure you we teach being respectful of those in authority, so I find this a bit shocking. What exactly did he do?
Principal: Well, he was caught asking Tommy if Tommy'd trade his Snack Pack for your boy's ants on a log.
Me: So how did he break the rules?
Principal: We have a rule that there is no talking during lunch... or pretty much anytime for that matter. It seems that this issue, and the other issue of your son yelling in excitement as he runs across the playground during recess, that your son is disrespectful, out-of-control, beligerent, and frankly, "WE" feel he needs to be tested for ADHD and put on meds.
Me: (taken from one of his favorite movies Major League): "Up your butt, joeboo!" CLICK!!!

14/9/07 12:19 AM  
Blogger GUNNY said...

What do you expect, you Neanderthals, teachers to just teach? They have to keep these little monsters in line or they'll all turn out to be gun freaks like you are! Next you'll be advocating that children be taught how to shoot and other nasty stuff! I think I'm going to have another spoonful of Maalox and wet myself!

5/4/08 8:01 PM  

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