Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Ann Coulter

No link necessary. She called John Edwards a faggot, and now she's getting raked over the coals once again. Rather than delving into semantics, I'd like to offer a much deeper insight that my wife provided while I was ranting about this to her.

The scary thing - and it's really chilling once you think about it - is that The Standard by which the media now judges public figures is that person's views on homosexuality. Think it's a sin? You're a hate monger. Dare to call names? You may as well be marching Jews into an oven.

What's worse is that we've noticed this behavior creeping into the world of private interactions. We were recently talking to someone about our church. The denomination is entrenched in a controversy over gays. The first thing this person mentioned was that our denomination was dealing with the gay issue and that he wanted to know what we thought. He said he (of course!) had no problem with it. And the implied message is that there is a problem if we do think it's wrong.

This attitude, coupled with laws like Chet Culver's anti-bullying-piss-upon-the-First-Amendment effort are laying the groundwork to outlaw ANY expression of an opinion that could be labelled "anti-gay."

Think it's a sin? Call it a sin? Have fun in jail.

If something doesn't change, the above three sentences will come to pass.


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