Thursday, March 08, 2007

Pay up, Subjects

A California school district is trying to bill parents for each day that their kids miss school. The idea is that the schools miss out on funding when the kids are absent.

Good! Maybe they'll get bled dry and someone will have to develop a Constitutional education system.

Sometimes my wife tells me I should run for office. I figure the only logical starting point is city government, right? I don't have any connections. So let's say I could get elected to a city council - just for kicks.

I'd never get any farther than one term at the local level, because every week I'd be proposing that we shut down every public school in the town.

I think public schools are a horrible idea, and I think the end result (ignorant, troubled kids) proves it. I get pretty riled up every time some politician starts talking about public school teachers being "heroes." But I digress. I loathe every aspect of the Youth Reclamation Project, and the despicable, pretentious attitude exhibited by this group of California wardens is just one more log on the fire.


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