Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Hometown Trifecta

Story one: Iowa Governor Chet Culver signs Anti-Bullying Law

Great. Real great. Get the Hitler Youth all nice and conditioned-like so they're willing and ready to do your bidding later in life. Make sure they understand from an early age that the government owns every aspect of their life - even how they interact with classmates. Instilling a healthy sense of fear and getting them used to goose-stepping is important, unless you want them doing something radical later in life - like starting a revolution and wrenching power from your evil hands.

Culver has, in one fell swoop, proven himself to be the snivelling dictator-wannabe I suspected from the start.

Story two: The same moron believes the government should have a heavy-handed presence in private health decisions.

It's the same old story from the same old liberal bag of tricks. Want to control the people? Do it through taxes. Crap like this makes me want to take up smoking just to flip the bird to Police-State politicians like this jackass. I love it how they use the very words, "...saving lives." Sure thing. Seat belt laws, gun control, cigarette taxes, socialized health care, regulated speech, regulated religion, regulated press. You can make any given one of those rights-violations (and believe me, the ones that are not yet fully accomplished are on their to-do list) into an issue about "saving lives."

Governor Culver, freedom isn't safe, you traitorous moron.

And finally, story three proves that it's no better on this side of the river: Mike Boland proposes a law making it illegal to smoke in a car where a child is present.

Bottom line: We don't trust you to make your own decisions as a parent. And in fact, we think it's better for your kid to deprive them of a parent for a month than it is to allow them to be exposed to second-hand smoke.

I've gotta hand it to them - these anti-smoking Nazis have done a really good job of conditioning the American public to accept a looming government presence in their private lives - just so long as it saves lives.


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