Sunday, November 25, 2007

Kill a Baby, Save the Planet

After reading this article I'm torn between outrage, disgust, disbelief and sadness. I've never seen a more direct contradiction to everything that is true and good in this world than the attitudes, beliefs and actions displayed by the people in this article. Can there be any doubt that the lie which is "global warming" or "human induced climate change" is indeed a pagan religion? To the list of religious-like activities that characterize the bizarre behavior of this camp - which includes zeal, faith, worship (of the earth), and lifestyle change - we can now add child sacrifice.

How horrific that an innocent life was violently snuffed out in the name of a lie. This behavior is so horribly barbaric, and these beliefs are so positively rooted in evil that I sincerely hope these folks take their thought process one step further and off themselves. I mean, really - if you're willing to kill your own kid over this, why are you still here?

The one comfort I take out of the whole situation is that although these nut jobs kill their young and encourage all of like mind to not reproduce, I plan to have lots of kids. Hey, they're not reproducing, right? So they have to rely on propaganda and lies to bring more people to their side. On the other hand, one virile couple over the course of - oh let's say three generations - could conceivably (pun intended) add to the world (through their lineage) an exponentially greater number of well-adjusted conservative Christians than these two wackos could hope to brainwash in a century.

So you keep going to your marches, Toni. You keep lying down on the sidewalk and protesting meat and fur and cars and people and doing whatever else it is you lunatics do when you get bored. In the meanwhile, the wife and I will be propagating, which is hard work. To fuel our efforts, we'll be eating red meat and drinking milk. As often as possible, I'll kill that meat myself, with a gun that puts carbon into the atmosphere. And I'll teach my progeny to hunt and shoot. And they'll teach their kids. And in a hundred years when we're both dead and gone, maybe my great grandkids will be sitting around a fire after a long day afield (that means hunting) and one of them will mention in passing that great-grandpa used to write a little on the internet. And they'll break out the archives of this blog and all have a good laugh at the fact that people used to believe in something called "global warming."

Good grief.


Anonymous Isaac T said...

Aside from all the Scriptural references that come to mind while reading this story, shouldn't we be happy that those whack-jobs are doing the world a favor by not reproducing? Just a thought.

25/11/07 11:06 PM  

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