Tuesday, February 06, 2007

It's This Sort of Thing...

...that will bring down this country. The cramming of the pro-gay agenda down our throats will eventually lead to the suppression of freedom.

I predict a "Gay Bill of Rights." This will (of course) essentially be a "Christianity Bill of No Rights." Disagree with the gay lifestyle? Speak your mind and it will be "hate speech."

Companies like Snickers cowing to the gay community's demands to have their agenda shoved down your throat set the precedent.

This particular commercial touched on something that any heterosexual male can relate to. No one wants to kiss another guy.

But call deviance from nature for what it is and you will feel their rage...


Blogger Reason said...

You gotta be consistenet. You can't say on the one hand, "We need to outlaw gay marriage" which is either a religious ceremony or a contract between individuals, and on the other hand get mad because, "Those people are trying to force their lifestyle down our throats!"

Don't you see the hypocracy?

7/2/07 1:38 PM  
Blogger M1Thumb said...

Hypocrisy? No. I don't see any. I never advocated a ban on gay marriage. In fact, banning gay marriage has nothing to do with this post.

The point I'm making is that the gay community demands a universal acceptance of their lifestyle - to the point that they will suppress the freedom of anyone to voice dissent.

I'm not talking about their freedom to be deviant. I'm talking about our freedom to call it deviance.

Snickers didn't ban gay marriage or promote a ban on gay marriage. They simply made a commercial capitalizing on the fact that straight people don't want to be gay or to be perceived as being gay. And the gay community gets absolutely livid because someone dared to call the moral validity of their choices into question. Actually, the validity of those choices wasn't even called into question - the perception of the validity of those choices was addressed. And even this is unacceptable to them.

Their attitude is "you can't say that our lifestyle is wrong." And at every opportunity they take litigious or legal steps to ensure that you, me or Snickers can't say, "Two guys kissing? Gross!"

Suppressing someone's freedom to disagree with you absolutely fits the description of "ramming your agenda down their throat."

If I had advocated a ban on gay marriage, I would see that as (Constitutionally) hypocritical.

7/2/07 8:31 PM  
Blogger big jake said...

Actually Nick, you can say that. I advocate my beliefs because I believe them to be right and oppose their beliefs because I believe them to be wrong. That's simple enough. Your attempt to grant equal legitimacy to all points of view is inoperable in real life. You have to believe something and that belief always characterizes the way you act, both personally and politically. But like Adam said, that's not his point. The 'rights' of the seculars (and gays) are restrictions in disguise. Just look at what has happened to Muslims in France: in order to protect the 'rights' of seculars, burqas are banned. As a Christian I find this outrageous. They talk about discrimination, but if you get down to it all the word really means is judgment. Unfortunately it’s taken on a pejorative meaning. But if I am no longer aloud to discriminate between what is right and what is wrong (for example, homosexuality is wrong and I don't have to approve of it-all political action aside) then there is little room for me to live freely in any sense of the word.

8/2/07 10:14 PM  
Anonymous crotalus said...

'S okay. they want me to eel their rage? I got plenty of rage to shoot right back at 'em, and the bastardized judges who enforce this crap, too!

11/2/07 3:48 PM  

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