Monday, February 19, 2007

I LIKE the cold

Our local weatherman sucks.

The last three weeks, we've been blessed with sub-zero temps and some snow. I love it! I happen to enjoy the winter and winter weather, even if it makes me sick (it did.) Snow is beautiful, cold air is refreshing, and staying warm is fun.

Today it almost got up to 50. So, as predictable as the coming spring, the moron is on the airwaves talking about the "big improvement" in our weather. Huh?

Since when is a pure white snowscape changing to a sopping mud-fest an improvement? He needs his head checked. Beautiful powdery snow is "bad" weather, but black slush and muck caused by unseasonably warm temps is "an improvement."

It never gets hot enough for this bozo. He's always going on about how "nice" it is when it's 90 degrees.

I think I'm changing channel loyalties.

I guess this little rant could extend to a portion of the general populace. There are a few people in the office who gripe about the weather in the winter. It makes me want to get a bullhorn and announce over the tops of the cubicles, "This is the Midwest. We get snow here! DEAL WITH IT."

Why the heck don't these people just move to Florida? For that matter, why don't I just move to Minnesota?


Anonymous IsaacT1978 said...

BE CAREFUL, YOUNG MAN....HE MAY HEAR YOU. And if he hears you from high atop the Brady Street Hill, he will reign down hellfire, brimstone, and those 90 degree temps. And here's the deal, he'll do it all with a straightforward forecast. No, you'll know, my friend, when he does. It won't be this hit or miss thing. He'll proclaim it high and lofty-like. And you know what? According to his commercial, that's what we want. Someone to "get in there" and watch what's going on. To break in every 2 minutes and share with us what we could find out if we'd just put down the kicker on the La-Z-Boy and look for ourselves. I am thinking I must distance myself from you, as I don't want to receive the wrath that is T "God" S.

20/2/07 6:15 AM  

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