Monday, July 24, 2006

Pure Hysteria

The MSM is at it again. Someone shoots at a car and they are automatically a sniper. This is just utter lunacy. Do they do any research before they start slinging around their frenzied conclusions?

Obviously not. They're still calling Charles McCoy Jr. (Ohio, 2003) a sniper, even though he was using a friggin pistol. Does that matter to the MSM? No. He shot at someone from farther than 25 yards, and the victim didn't see him, so he must be a sniper. It never seems to occur to anyone that a properly equipped sniper would certainly rack up more than one kill out of twenty four attempts.

But I digress.

So what's the big deal? Well, muddied waters are the antis' most useful tool! The more they confuse the public about any firearms-related topic, the more they can generate support for gun control - support backed by pure ignorance. Make them afraid of guns in general, make them afraid of those who use guns in crime (no matter how incompetent they prove to be), make them afraid of the fictitious Hollywood-generated capabilities of so-called assault weapons, sniper rifles and who-knows-what else, and Sarah Brady will soon be able to say, "Mission accomplished."

How long now before they pass a law against sniper pistols?


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