Sunday, July 02, 2006

Just put me in a pine box...

This is an article about "green burial." It's almost not worth commenting on, but I haven't blogged in ahwile, so it's at least something. There is an unsurprising movement by the greeners to not embalm the dead. They bury them in biodegradeable coffins.

*shrug* Let them have their strange ways. I don't mind. Here's what gets me:

"We've seen growth in the hospice movement," she said. "We've seen an upswing of home birthing. People are interested in returning to the simple ways. This is just a dust-to-dust approach to funerals."

This from the same crowd that pushes nanny-state politics and doesn't want anyone to return to the "wild days of Dodge City where just anyone can carry a gun."


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