Friday, June 23, 2006

Without a Clue

The anti-gunners are at it again. These people just never let up. It doesn't matter how ridiculous their assertions are, they'll just keep hammering away with their lies, deceit, slander and hysteria.

The Brady Campaign has just released a "report" titled Without a Trace. It details some supposed findings about tracing illegal firearms. The underlying theme (and the key word there is lying) is that the gun lobby (be sure you use a husky ominous announcer voice when you say "gun lobby") wants to strong arm the government so that they can continue flooding The Street with illegal guns.

They don't bother to tell you what they mean by "illegal guns." Guns used in crimes, I guess. More likely, it just sounds better when you tack the word illegal on as a descriptor. The "report" states that there are certain dealers who have a higher percentage of guns traced back to their shops. The logical conclusion of course, is that gun manufacturers, distributors and retail dealers are in cahoots. Their master scheme is to get rich by selling thousands of "illegal guns" to gang bangers who use them to kill children.

They go on to mock the NRA and the (ominous voice) gun lobby for their "paranoia." The NRA's opposition to a police state is apparently just ridiculous. What I found really ironic is that the report attempts to quash the idea that confiscation is the end goal of tougher restrictions. One of the Bradys' greatest champions, Diane Feinstein, is well known for saying that if she could have garnered 51 Senate votes, she would have pushed for "Mr. & Mrs. America, turn them all in" legislation. What is that but confiscation?!

Not only do these people continue to lie about the gun industry and their supposed evil agenda, they continue to lie about their own goals as well!

I just love this gun lobby tactic. They're trying to associate gun manufacturers and distributors with the despised image of the Big Evil Corporation. They want the public to believe that the Congress is being strongarmed by millions of dollars of blood money.

Nevermind that this "gun lobby" is actually a group of legitimate business - founded nonetheless by men who embody the American spirit (real entrepreneurs like Samuel Colt, Bill Ruger, Oliver Winchester, and so on) - pressed into action by the hysterical efforts of people guided only by their emotions. The "gun lobby" was born of necessity.

The other half of the equation - the equally demonized (announcer voice) NRA - is referenced as a special interest fearsome lobby group. They want you to think of the NRA as a group of overweight, 50's-ish, cigar-smoking crooked billionaires sitting in a boardroom on the 95th floor. Alone and immune, they hatch plots for world domination. Of course their plots will only succeed if their good friends in the gun lobby are allowed to continue passing out machine guns on playgrounds.

Nevermind that the NRA is populism at its very best. Four million Americans get together and chip in $35 a year. The NRA is nothing more than public opinion in action.

When it comes to billionaire-funded 'Big Lobby' type interests, the Brady Campaign has no farther to look than in the mirror. George Soros, radical leftist and billionaire, is well-known for his anti-gun campaigning and world gun-ban hopes. They are the ones with the fat-cat backers.

We're just lucky that (so far) 4 million people with $35 a piece have been able to make themselves heard just as well as one guy with a bottomless bank account.


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