Friday, June 23, 2006

The wife chimes in... the comments section of my We need an exorcism... post:

the wife said...
Do parents ever ask, "are there matches in your house?" No. Who in their right mind would? (This goes back to the ideas in the "Knife Control" anyone post.) Again the media is missing the point and picking the easy target to try and solve it. The real point is that you should always know if you are allowing your child to play in a well supervised, safe environment. Safe meaning you trust the adult that your child wont be playing with matches or knives or the outlets or doing crack or making out with their boyfriend; supervised so they wont fall into their harmful temptations whatever age they are.The sad truth is that media just feeds the bad parents so they can keep lying to themselves claiming that they are great parents. Then they praise the media- which makes NBC think that they are impacting the nation- so they do another story about guns...

Right on, babe! I'm proud of her. A welcome addition to my little corner of cyberspace. A welcome addition indeed.

I just have to mention how much I love the fact that she posted under the name "The Wife." It reminds me of the scene in It's a Wonderful Life where Harry has returned from college with a new bride. "I told you I had a surprise!" he excitedly says. "Meet the wife!" My sister always thought it was somehow derogatory. I always looked forward to being married so I could use the term just to annoy her (my sister.)

I love you, babe.


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