Friday, June 23, 2006

Presumption at its worst

This article was brought to my attention by an alert reader. It's from FoxNews, and it contains a firsthand account of an encounter with the infamous funeral protestors.

You know, the bunch of morons that laughs at fallen American soldiers, saying that God is allowing this because our country is pro-gay.

What presumptuous idiots. I'm sure that this issue has been commentaried to death, but maybe I can hit things from a different angle.

I believe that homosexuality is a sin abhorrent in God's sight. It doesn't take a lot of ground-breaking research to come to this conclusion: it's stated explicitly several times in His Word. There are also plenty of Biblical accounts of God destroying wicked nations (Isaiah for one.)

Yes, the American public (and government) tolerates and encourages homosexuality to an extent that I find deeply disturbing.

However, to reach the conclusion that God is judging our nation through this war is pure presumption. When we start attributing bad events to God's judgment, we are putting ourselves in His place. That's their first mistake.

Their other mistake is that they don't acknowledge that America is far from being completely given over to wickedness. The Church is still very much alive in this country. As a whole, this nation may not cling to Christian ideals like it once did. But we are not yet Babylon.

My conclusion: false prophets.


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