Friday, July 07, 2006


I recently purchased a Remington 870 Tactical Magnum. It has no legitimate sporting purpose whatsoever. I bought it because I think it would be really really handy if I ever have to kill someone inside my house.

Olive drab green finish...tritium insert on the bead...7 round capacity...and best of all a Knoxx Industries Spec-Ops stock. Basically the Spec-Ops stock looks like an M4/AR-15 adjustable stock - pistol grip and all. It has a unique spring system that drastically reduces felt recoil.

I'm drooling as I type...

Anyway, I bought the gun used over the Internet. Had it shipped to a local FFL for the transfer (don't you just love the GCA?) Took delivery this Saturday, only to find that the stock was busted. So I called Knoxx and they gave me instructions to return it.

Now this was truly shocking. I told the guy up front that I bought this gun used. I was just looking for some advice on how to fix it. But he said to send it in. So send it in I did (the stock.) Then, to my further shock, they called me when they received it! Best of all, they were calling to say that they are replacing it.

Unbelievable. Now I'll be well equipped with an EGS. (That's Evil Green Shotgun.)

Props to Knoxx. That's the best customer service I've ever had. Ever.


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