Thursday, January 04, 2007

Simply Inexcusable

Here is another piece of evidence that the Youth Reclamation Project (public school system) does not have your child(ren)'s best interest in mind.

They don't even know how to handle special needs children anymore, so they impose Gestapo-like penalties on the youngsters when they get too hard to handle.

It's all part of the YRP's tireless effort to condition your kids and mine to be wards of the state.

"Do as we say, or go to jail."

Regardless of common sense or human rights, evil minions of the Nanny State like superintendent Steven Keifer and principal Kevin Duckworth work hard each and every day to ensure that everyone understands that the penalty for not falling in line with their arbitrary commands will be, if possible, a criminal record.

A challenge to parents who have or will have kids in the public school system:
If we don't work hard to remove dirtbags like these cowards who instigate and then defend their abuse of our children, we are not fit to be parents.

I really liked how the article ended. The Only Ones offer the parents a "deal" for community service. It's unfortunate that civil litigation is the only probable recourse the parents have.

I sent Steven Keifer a piece of my mind. I encourage you to do the same:

Mr. Keifer:
The following commentary assumes three truths:
1. A 12 year-old girl wet herself either intentionally in protest or unintentionally in fear. In either case, she presented no threat of physical violence to school officials or her classmates.
2. Principal Kevin Duckworth summoned the police to deal with the situation.
3. You are standing by the his decision to summon the police.

If any of the above is in error, please disregard this missive.

I read with increasing alarm the story about the above events.

How fitting that we try to whip the disabled into line with threats of police intervention! Give her a record! That's just what she needs to kick-start her already difficult life.

Duckworth should be fired for his misconduct and refusal to accept responsibility. Based on this incident, it is laughable that you would expect anyone to entrust the education and well-being of their child to such a man. I don't care if he was at his wits' end. Exasperation is not an excuse for disporportionate punishment.

Your refusal to publicly comment about Danville's indefensible actions is expected, but still unacceptable.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

rock on keep fighting

27/1/07 9:55 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Lucky me, I live in Danville (PA), and my child attends the school where this occurred. I think that Mr. Duckworth has good intentions, but he has made some really bone-headed decisions and he is too insecure to admit mistakes. Over his 1.5 year tenure here, he has become more unapproachable. When the school newspaper was going to publish the results of a survey unfavorable to "block scheduling" (his pet project), he made the newspaper sponsor dispose of all printed copies before they could be distributed...and the list goes on. Not only are we seeing the decline of common sense, here in Danville we are suffering the "dumbing down" of our educational system. While parents are not afraid of the principal for their own sake, they actually have to consider the consequences to their children if they approach him with concerns or complaints.

6/3/07 9:15 PM  

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