Monday, December 25, 2006

Merry Frickin' Christmas

Odd title, you note.

These are odd times we live in. This post is intended to specifically address the Marines who face courtmartial for their involvement in civilian deaths at Haditha.

This used to be a country that stood behind its armed forces. This used to be a country that understood the nature of war. This used to be a country that accepted civilian deaths and casualties as a factual albeit horrific side effect of an activity whose primary purpose is to kill people. Hell, this used to be a country that bombed civilian cities when it was necessary to win a war.

Today this is a country chock-full of people who shout down the opposition with "We support the troops!" when their treasonous support of the enemy is called in to question. And yet, at the first real opportunity to support the troops, they seek to crucify them instead.

We send young men to war to kill the enemy. In a war as muddled and difficult to fight as this one is, we place on their shoulders the additional burden of entering every building with the possibility of finding either terrorists or innocent children. Inevitably, some of those children are killed, and so our warriors return bearing scars more horrible than any of us can imagine.

So naturally, at the first snippet of hearsay suggesting the ROE were not strictly followed, our gallant "troop supporters" lynch a few United States Marines in the gallows of public opinion. Worse yet, these young men possibly face an all-too-similar literal fate.

The left hates our military, they hate our troops and they hate our country. What's happening to these poor guys is no different than the peaceniks calling Nam vets "babykillers."

I can't imagine how awfully alone and deserted these few good men feel today. All for risking their lives, serving their country, and protecting the freedom of the same dirtbags that seek to do them in.

Merry frickin' Christmas.


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