Saturday, January 06, 2007

This Now In: Armed Criminals Move with Impunity Across US Borders

What a pathetic joke.

What a pathetic, predictable, and yet unbelievable state of affairs. The National Guard just retreated from a group of armed individuals along our borders.

This is a result of the feminization of America.

We can't fight wars because we have forgotten what war is like.

We will not allow our own citizenry to protect themselves if we can possibly prevent it.

And now we can't even protect our own sovereignty.

What in the hell do they call them the National Guard for if they're running from their posts when approached by armed criminals? I'll bet every coyote, drug runner and otherwise up-to-no-good Mexican with plans to hop the Fence is laughing in our collective face. I would be.

It is the mindset that causes incidents like this that will destroy our nation.


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