Sunday, October 29, 2006

We're the Only Ones Saddled Up Enough

It seems that the good citizens of Rock Island County have one of the Only Ones attempting to get himself elected as Sheriff.

Mike Huff, (Democrat...Union, as his campaign signs read) is squaring off against Republican Kraig Schwigen. The reason I'm posting about this race is twofold:

One: Huff's campaign put a sign in my front yard earlier this year during the primary. I'm not a registered Democrat, nor did I invite his unasked-for signage on my property. Typical Union (thug) tactics.

Two: I received an extremely interesting piece of mail the other day. It was from the Schwigen campaign and detailed the exploits of a younger and (hopefully) less discretionary Huff. You can read about it here.

Looks like our Union (thug) friend gets his kicks pulling his gun on his friends. I'd hate to be his enemy.

Anyone care to venture a guess what would happen to the first citizen/subject to jokingly pull a loaded gun on Huff? Do you think Huff would write it off as "common horseplay?"

When I read about Codrea's Only Ones Carnival over at the War on Guns, I knew had to post on this.


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